At Tripsimba Safaris we pride ourselves in delivering quality services and for us to achieve this we encourage to participate in creating a great experience by reading and abiding by our terms of service for the purposes of safety, comfort and in the spirit of industry best practise. Your payment to the company confirms acceptance of the terms and conditions below:



A minimum deposit of 25% of the total value of your trip is required to confirm your initial bookings. The balance due shall be paid minimum ninety days priorto the start of your trip. If the reservation is made within 90 days of departure, then the whole amount is to be paid to confirm the booking. Bookings cannot be confirmed until such payment is received. As we do not include travel insurancein our package cost, we recommend you to take full insurance cover in your country of residence at the time of booking your trip to cover you against any cancellations, sickness, lost baggage, changes, curtailment due to natural disasters, strikes and riots etc.


It is the responsibility of the client to be in possession of a valid passport, visa, permits, vaccinations,other relevant medical certificates and all other travel documents, including adequate funds by way of cash, traveller’s cheques and/or credit cards. Tripsimba does not accept any responsibility for changes in regulations for visas or any particular requirement for visas or for the failure of the client to obtain the necessary visas. Should a client be refused entry to any country due to incorrect or incomplete documentation, neither Tripsimba nor any of its service providers shall be held responsible or be made liable for any consequential expenses or inconveniences arising.


All safari dates, routes and program details are provided based on information available to us; the same is subject to change due to such factors outside our control, which include but not limited to the following: changes in airline schedules resulting in downstream changes, closure of roads and extreme weather conditions. Such circumstances may require revision of safari routes which in turn may affect the cost. Tripsimba reserves the right to alter accommodation relating to hotels, lodges, or other similar facilities listed in the day- to-day itineraries with comparable facilities, if listed accommodations become unsuitable or unavailable for any reason. Tripsimba does endeavor to provide you with trained and courteous staff. However, an occasional error of judgment might occur and once on the trip, you our client are the only person who can effectively mitigate the situation by regulating your own actions and choices during the tour. Tripsimba will not accept liability for any client injuries or other client losses during any phase of the tour, even if such damages or losses are caused by negligence or intent by staff of any of the service providers.


All cancellations must be received in writing.Reservations that are cancelled, reduced in length of stay or reduced in occupancy number are subject to cancellation and no-show fees. During peak and high season, service providers and properties request for 100% payment in advance. Cancellation charges as follows shall apply:


  • 10% of the final invoice is non-refundableregardless of when the cancellation request takes place. • 50% of the final invoice will be retainedby Tripsimba if cancelled between89 and 61 days prior to arrival.
  • 100% of the final invoicewill be retained by Tripsimba to fulfil our obligations to suppliers if cancelled within 60 days prior to arrivalor in the case of a ‘No Show’.
  • The above is Tripsimba cancellation policies. Where the policy of any of the subcontracted service providers may differ drastically from those of Tripsimba or for example during peak season when cancellation policies could be more stringent, the same will be communicated to the client in writing at the time of confirming an order.
  • Where Tripsimba is also requested to issue an airline ticket, cancellation policy of the airline shall apply.


In the unlikely event of your safari having to be cancelled resulting from any reason not directly under the control of Tripsimba; an alternative safari, which would be of the same value as the one booked by you earlier shall be offered. Such cancellations could be as a result of adverse weather conditions, riots, political strife etc… and to ensure your own safety. Likewise, should Tripsimba have to curtail a tour/safari for any reasons as stated above and after the time of departure, Tripsimba wil not be liable to refund in whole or part of the tour, although every effort will be made to do so depending on the circumstances.

Should you the client decide to curtail a tour and/or safari for any reason whatsoever, Tripsimba shall not be responsible for any consequent damages, losses or liability arising from such action.


Tripsimba shall not be held liable for any injury, damage or loss including consequential loss to any client or their possessions, including personal injury, disease or death while on safari. b) All Clients who solicit Tripsimba services agree to release Tripsimba and its affiliates from liability for risks associated with voluntary participation in a tour at remote geographical areas. By applying for a tour booking with Tripsimba, you, the client agrees on behalf of himself, herself and/or themselves and their potential heirs, legal representative and personal representatives, that no lawsuit or other legal action will be undertaken against Tripsimba.


By making a booking/reservation with us after receiving this document from us, you represent that you have read and understood the same. Tripsimba is merely a tour/travel/safari coordinator or arranger that acts in the best interest of its clients using its expertise and knowledge of the properties it recommends. Tripsimba is not the final service provider itself. Tripsimba therefore cannot accept responsibility for any mishaps or misdeeds of any of the service providers it uses, but would act as a mediator with your best interest in any eventuality.


I / we ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Passport / ID No……………………………………………, Currently domicile in……………………………. and, undertaking a trip booked through Tripsimba for ……………. Pax, confirm to have read and understood ‘Tripsimba Terms and conditions contained herein and confirm I / we shall abide by the same.



Signature……………………………………………………. date……………………… I further confirm that I am signing on behalf of the whole group and with their consent


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